Welcome to NPCC e-Learning Platform

The aim of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) is to stimulate and generate productivity and quality consciousness and drive the productivity and quality movement in all sectors of the economy with a view to raise national output and achieve sustained growth and international competitiveness. Through its' Productivity and Competitiveness Learning Centre, NPCC offers a broad set of technical and soft skills programs that can be combined and adapted to the needs of your staff.

Learning Modality

We provide training content experiences  to organizations and individuals who believe in a culture of continuous learning through the three digital learning modalities below.


Our online courses enable our learners to take the time they need and set their own schedule to complete them.



E-Knowledge Centre is a place where you can find latest resources on productivity and quality.



EPS guide enterprises in their productivity and quality improvement journey to build a productivity culture.