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Business Restart - Getting Back to Business as Usual

Most small businesses do not have an annual Business Continuity and resiliency planning process in place that larger organization might – and as a result might not have a standard and pre-planned approach for safe and secure business restart under such situations. The Covid – 19 pandemic struck gradually but steadily and much of its impending seriousness and impacts were realised late across the world that by mid-March several countries including Mauritius initiated drastic measures to deal with this. Industries and businesses were taken by surprise and went into shutdown.

This course deals specifically with the imperatives of such a world-wide situation and aim for a planned restart.

Basic Productivity and Quality Course

This course on productivity and Quality is basic to an on-going transformation changes in the skills of our workers so the fundamental concepts are understood and they are prepped to receive favourably more intense training and orientation into the vast realm of productivity at their respective workplace. This course is not specific to any industry, organization type or sector, neither oriented to manufacturing or service, but generic in nature that all beginners to these ideas can derive new knowledge and help their thought processes gain direction.

Know Your Customers

In this short online course we shall…

•Define the importance of understanding Customer needs
•How to track the changing perceptions of our customers about our offerings to them
•Find out and measure customer satisfaction so we are able to be forewarned and act proactively to retain our customers