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Business Transformation

This webinar is all about learning why and how business transformation takes place in a volatile environment and to create the right atmosphere to allow for positive transformation.

Fundamentals of keeping books and records

This webinar unveils the ground rules of capturing data in terms of numbers and recording them in the relevant accounting books. The numbers will be then interpreted to provide indications of the current and future financial position of the business.

Organisational Wellbeing

This webinar focuses on the implications and challenges brought by the Covid19 outbreak and explain why organisations must devote time and attention to creating environments in which people can flourish.

Using a Prioritisation Grid to discover more opportunities for your business

The webinar will help you discover more opportunities for your business using the prioritisation grid and show you a method to work in collaboration with your own customers/ stakeholders/ teams to think about focus for change


Improving your Cash Conversion Cycle

Yukitoshi Tanno, our expert from Japan, will explain how to harness the potential of people to generate more cash for the business through effective goal setting.


SMEs need to go Digital

The scale of digitalization may vary with different size, industry sector and type of SME. As such, we should be mindful about our objectives and get started on digitalisation at a manageable pace. How can SMEs start their digitalisation journey?