“Position Mauritius as an attractive tourist destination following opening of the country’s borders and rapidly get back to normalcy."


Travellers are concerned on safety. The pandemic has changed the way we holiday, seek leisure activities. Tourists crave for a semblance of normality, they also want clear signal that their safety is taken seriously at their destination. Mauritius is reopening its borders in July, and the tourism and hospitality industry is expecting a surge in business. Before we restart, get ready to receive guests we must prepare.

The Ministry of Tourism is partnering with NPCC and the International Labour Organization (ILO) to implement the “SCORE COVID-19 OSH and Resource Efficiency Project for the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Mauritius”.

This involves training and implementation of the ILO SCORE Training program for COVID-19 Occupational Safety and Health customized for our Tourism and Hospital sector with national protocols enumerated by Ministry of Health and Wellbeing.

Targeted beneficiary organizations are those in the sector including, Airport, tourist residences, hotels, restaurants, spas etc. in the tourism eco-system. The plan is to cover as many establishments as possible in line with government priorities. In addition, a pilot set of enterprises in the hospitality segment will be trained in SCORE Resource Efficiency to promote improvements that help progress Mauritius towards a green economy.

Operation COSHARE help the beneficiaries get better appreciation of the safety and sanitary needs and protocols in the current pandemic situation and help position Mauritius as a safe and environmentally sustainable tourist destination, attracting international tourists to choose Mauritius as their destination of choice

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